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Where Do Teen’s Hide Drugs?

By September 2, 2009No Comments


ABC News in Phoenix released a revealing report on what kids are up to in their hometown. The report indicated that teens in Phoenix have taken to snorting vodka shots, taking anal beer bong hits, and soaking tampons in vodka for faster absorption (which also severely damages reproductive systems). Teens hide drugs in water bottles and energy drink cans that unscrew to reveal secret hiding places, and highlighters and lipstick cases that turn into pipes and also hide drugs. The reporter warned that kids that consume a lot of energy drinks at 12 may be heading for harder drug use at 15. She advised that many signs of drug use look like allergy symptoms, including a runny nose, red and watery eyes, and drowsiness. The report also reminds parents that teen drug use triples between 6th grade and 8th grade.
No one wants to think that their teen is abusing dangerous drugs, but it is never too early to be aware of suspicious behavior. Unfortunately, if your teen is acting like they are on drugs, they are probably on drugs. Early intervention and treatment can give teens a second chance at life before their developing bodies and lives receive permanent damage. Visions Adolescent Drug Treatment Center recognizes that teen drug abuse is a serious matter, and a difficult thing for families to face. No one has to do it alone though. There is help, and there are answers. If you suspect your teen is abusing drugs and alcohol, contact us today.

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