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Teen Binge Drinking

By July 11, 2010No Comments
[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYQBkwOThaY] Teen binge drinking is sometimes only regarded as a “phase” in a teen’s life, but many factors indicate that teen binge drinking is something to be taken seriously. In a recent study of teens headed to college, teens who had consumed alcohol at early ages were more likely to have drinking problems in college, and their class ranking in high school had an inverse relationship to how much they would drink.
Teen binge drinking is something to be taken seriously, as it is often a precursor to more severe problems down the road. Teens who drink often abuse prescription medication, which can be a deadly combination. Teens drinking at early ages are at risk for having a lifetime of alcohol and drug related problems. Teen rehab works to stop the problem in its tracks and offers teens a chance to find healthy tools to deal with emotional and behavioral challenges. Teens with alcohol problems aren’t damaged, or worse than teens that don’t have alcohol problems, but they do need help in finding ways to deal with their personal challenges.

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