Visions Treatment Programs help teens throughout the entire treatment process, from assessment to long-term continuous care, and everything in between. We combine modalities and incorporate different programs in a teen’s treatment, based on their needs and circumstances.

Visions Treatment Programs for Adolescents

Visions Treatment Programs vary from diagnostic to therapeutic, to supportive. Rather than encourage all teens to pass through a single program, our programs aim to address the uncountable differences from case to case, providing several different targeted approaches to account for circumstances including availability, co-occurring disorders, academic requirements, symptom severity, and more. Our Treatment Programs include:


Built to ensure continuing education for teens in our programs, our day school program individualizes each teen’s education based on their year and curriculum, coordinating with their school to make sure they don’t fall behind during treatment. Through Visions, teens in treatment can plan for college, receive accelerated learning, prepare for their SATs, and more.


The Specialty Clinic at Visions offers individuals of all ages the opportunity to address their specific mental health needs. Just as the medical profession requires additional training for specialists, so too does the field of mental health. The providers at the Specialty Clinic are licensed clinical psychologists who have extensive training and skills that address distinct mental health challenges.


With a minimum length-of-stay of 90 days, our Extended Care Facilities provide a clear path towards long-term disorder management, coordinating with members of the community and loved ones to help teens reintegrate into normal life, join local support groups, and take up social activities.


At Visions Treatment Centers, we offer unique LGBTQ+ Mental Health Programming specifically for adolescents in the LGBTQ+ community. We do not condone nor tolerate “reparative” therapy. We fully recognize the legitimacy of all gender identities, and the unique struggles that LGBTQ+ teens go through due to the stress of dealing with a lack of critical information, bullying, and lack of acceptance in the community.


Our Mental Health & Wellness Center provides an outpatient-focused program. We offer care through our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for treating teens with mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders. Our IOP Center is ideal as a first step for teens and families seeking help. Our Specialty Clinic within our Mental Health & Wellness Center is focused on providing primary and auxiliary treatments aimed at specific cases of trauma, addiction, OCD, eating disorders, and other conditions, our Specialty Clinic is staffed by an experienced roster of psychiatrists and medical experts collaborating to assess and treat certain cases.


Our Primary Residential Programs provide teens with a professional assessment, detailed therapeutic plan, and step-by-step individualized treatment process over a several-week stay. Shorter in length than our Extended Care Programs, but offering a more intensive experience than our Mental Health & Wellness Center, our Primary Residential Programs combine a comfortable and safe environment with the expertise of our specialized staff, walking teens through the treatment process from start to finish.


Each of our programs require a full and thorough psychological evaluation. By coordinating with an experienced psychiatrist and a physician, we make sure we have a full picture of a teen’s physical and psychological health before suggesting a treatment path.


As per preliminary research, in the treatment of certain diagnoses like major depression, teletherapy is comparable and an effective alternative to face-to-face talk therapy. Given special circumstances, teletherapy may often be a teen’s only option for consistent and ongoing mental health treatment. In such cases, access to the services of a therapist via phone or the Internet can be critical.

Mental health treatment is always a long-term process. And it begins with a strong foundation.
We encourage teens and families to begin their first steps towards long-term progress with us.