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Adolescent Prescription Drug Abuse

By July 12, 2010No Comments

The Center for Disease Control has issued an urgent call for action over the abuse of pain medication, which has risen over 111% from 2004 to 2008. According to documentation from ER visits, abuse of oxycodone has risen 152% and hydrocodone abuse has risen 123%. Teen Prescription-drug-abuse now rivals marijuana abuse in this country. Pills like xanax, oxycontin, adderall, and klonopin are frequently abused by teens, who obtain them from friends, their parents medicine cabinets, and online.
The non-medical use of prescription drugs is an epidemic equal to the abuse of illegal drugs in this country. Parents should take prescription drug abuse seriously and provide teens with the tools necessary to fight drug addiction. Teens lives don’t have to be ruined by prescription drug abuse. There are places that offer a long-term solution for teens and their families by providing individual, group, and family counseling, sober high school, and long term aftercare solutions, such as intensive outpatient programs. Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem and teen drug rehab offers a serious solution.

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