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Adolescent mental health treatment programs require an ongoing, long-term commitment and process. At Visions Treatment Centers, we aim to help teens achieve lasting progress by combining immediate inpatient treatment with long-term involvement in social programs, community activities, peer groups, and more. Each of our adolescent mental health treatment programs aim to address a different set of circumstances and needs.

A long list of internal and external factors play a role in the development of adolescent mental health disorders, and it’s often impossible to narrow down a cause. Adolescent mental health treatment programs need to be holistic, given the dozens of factors involved in every case, which is why we apply a multimodal approach that aims to change a teen’s environment, offer targeted therapeutic care, utilize different activities and medications to treat immediate symptoms and provide a toolkit for long-term recurrent symptoms, and more.

Treating Teen Mental Health Disorders at Visions

We work with doctors, therapists, and specialists to identify an effective step-by-step treatment path, beginning with a thorough assessment of a teen’s mental and physical health. Some of the programs we use to tackle adolescent mental health problems include:

Medication Management

Medication can play an important part in a teen’s treatment, depending on their disorders and the severity of their symptoms. At Visions, we require a thorough psychiatric assessment to ensure we can identify the most effective treatment methods for each case, including the use of medication.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy combines a number of different activities with therapeutic guidance to help teens find ways to overcome or escape their symptoms, provide a way to fight back against intrusive or negative thoughts, and provide structure in their lives. We offer activities to help teens feel fulfilled and calmed, and our therapists utilize these activities to contextualize important therapeutic lessons. Common and effective forms of experiential therapy utilize animal care, arts and crafts, music, and acting as ways to help teens express themselves or find comfort.

Talk Therapy

Traditional one-on-one therapy, as well as group therapy, can play an important role in helping teens understand and better sort their thoughts, identify effective coping mechanisms, and avoid triggering habits. We also provide a path for teens to seek care outside of Visions by coordinating with teens and their families to help find peer groups, support groups, and local specialists as options for continuing therapy.

Teen Mental Health Treatment

By beginning with a thorough assessment, we approach each case with a full understanding of a teen’s emotional and physical needs, from diet and exercise to sociability, behavioral issues, immediate psychiatric concerns, substance use, and much more. At Visions, our adolescent mental health treatment programs focus on disorders such as:

At Visions Treatment Centers, we also work with a teen’s loved ones and friends to help them build and improve their support network while equipping each teen with the means to continue working on themselves as they mature into adulthood. Adolescent mental health treatment is a marathon, and a long-term vision is key.