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Overlooking the heart of the Conejo Valley, our six-bed primary residential care facility in Thousand Oaks is located on a secluded property, featuring an expansive lot with a sizeable two-story living space for teens, a tennis court, a fruit orchard, and plenty of other amenities. Designed to provide privacy and luxury care, our Thousand Oaks location is staffed day and night and features an extensive treatment program tailored individually for every patient we take on.

A Community-Based Residential Treatment Facility and Environment

At Visions Treatment Centers, primary care at our Thousand Oaks Residential Treatment Facility begins with a thorough assessment of a teen’s biopsychosocial circumstances. There are complex factors behind the development of mental disorders. A multimodal approach to treatment is necessary to address those factors. At Visions, we start each process with a thorough assessment critical to identifying the elements needed for treatment.

We help address a teen’s symptoms via talk therapy and medication, as well as secondary therapies relying on the expertise of our mental health specialists and in-house medical staff. We also incorporate a series of experiential therapies helping teens discover activities to assist them in expressing themselves, bringing to light thoughts and behaviors they might not previously have acknowledged or verbalized. Different diagnoses call for entirely different treatments, and at Visions, we consider no two cases to be the same.


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    We also spend time focusing on a teen’s autonomy and accountability, helping them develop the tools needed to address negative thoughts and behaviors in the long-term, and develop positive coping mechanisms to replace old habits. By coordinating with each teen’s loved ones, we also ensure the lessons learned while at Visions will continue to be represented in everyday life. We feel while our treatment is comprehensive, the key to combating the destructive symptoms of mental disorders is long-term and continuous care, especially through a supportive network of friends and loved ones.

    Continuing care is an especially important part of long-term mental health care for us at Visions, which is why we also involve the family via group therapy and work with them to discover peer support groups, identify social experiences to help teens open up and continue making friends outside of therapy, and educate them on their loved one’s condition and treatment. Visions’ Thousand Oaks Residential Treatment Facility is usually 45-90 days in length. To help teens continue their schooling, we work with specialized educators to provide individual lesson plans and devise a curriculum in coordination with their school. We also offer help preparing teens for their SATs and other exams.

    Bridging the Gap Between Teen-Specific Treatment, Care and Recovery

    Visions’ Primary Thousand Oaks Residential Treatment Facility for adolescents is staffed by medical professionals, therapists, specialists, counselors, and other experienced mental health care providers, ensuring your teen stays safe and is provided with a comfortable and therapeutic environment throughout their stay. We rotate our staff so someone is always awake and around to provide emergency care.

    Call us today at 866-889-3665. Consultations and assessments are free of charge.