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At Visions Treatment Centers, we specialize in residential treatment for teens through our comprehensive and supportive teen residential treatment programs. Staffed with experienced and supportive professionals, each facility provides programs tailored to disorder type, symptom severity, and a thorough initial assessment. We recognize every teen’s problems and circumstances require a unique approach, and we utilize our facilities to create the right space conducive to therapeutic progress.

Our three teen residential treatment programs and facilities sit in idyllic locations and feature expansive gardens, several amenities, and calming rural surroundings in Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and Woodland Hills. Our residential treatment centers for teens focus on helping teens through a comprehensive treatment program. that addresses mild to acute mental health and substance use disorders with a length of stay varying on average between six weeks and three months.

Residential Treatment for Teens: Our Programs, Objectives, and Goals

Visions Teen Treatment Center focuses on treating teens with substance abuse problems, mental health issues, and co-occurring disorders. We leverage the experience of our doctors, specialists, and therapists to provide treatments that serve to help teens learn more about themselves and their condition, better understand why they feel and think the way they do, provide them with the means to cope with their symptoms and hardships and learn where and when to seek help from others. Through our intensive residential treatment for teens, we aim to:

  • Help teen residents adopt and nurture a productive, healthier lifestyle.
  • Develop effective coping mechanisms.
  • Identify treatment methods and medication that works best.
  • Help teens recognize harmful thinking and/or behavior in themselves.
  • Prepare teens for upcoming life’s challenges and teach them how to cope with common stressors.
  • Help teens establish a post-recovery, sober support network of community, friends and family.
  • Get the family involved, and help teens continue to seek therapeutic help after the residential treatment is over.


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    Upon admission, every resident undergoes a series of basic assessments to determine mental and physical health, to get a complete biopsychosocial picture of a resident’s circumstances and condition, and to help our specialists develop the best treatment plan. These assessments include medical assessment, substance abuse assessment, and psychiatric assessment. Each assessment will help us provide better and more accurate care for our residents, in respect to their mental and physical health needs, as well as any relevant medical history.

    Residential Treatment for Teens

    Treatment plans will include a combination of different appropriate talk therapy methods, adjunct treatments, and medication. Every case may require a different treatment plan, one built around a resident’s needs, interests, and circumstances. Our facilities also work with residents’ schools and educators to develop an appropriate curriculum and help them continue their education throughout their treatment. Some of the treatments and programs we offer include:

    • Talk Therapy
    • Family Therapy
    • Medication
    • On-Site School
    • Exercise and Physical Therapy
    • Nutrition
    • Experiential Therapy
    • Continuing Care

    We work with our residents to find a treatment plan they best respond to, and work with their families to ensure ongoing care.


    At Visions Treatment Centers, we give teens the option to be a part of a continuing tradition of community and support through the Visions Alumni Program. We organize aftercare groups, offer continued participation in self-help group therapy, and organize annual alumni events.

    We believe in the importance of community and continued care as critical tools in the long-term treatment of addiction, mental disorders, and co-occurring disorders. Many individuals leave Visions’ residential treatment for teens feeling empowered by what they have learned, but ultimately still in the beginning stages of a lifelong journey. Through our Alumni program, we seek to foster an ongoing relationship between those who have completed our teen residential treatment programs, and new residents.