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The Top 5 Behavioral Signs Your Teen May Need Help

By May 23, 2014No Comments

The Top 5 Behavioral Signs Your Teen May Need Help

As any parent who has raised or is raising a teenager will tell you, it is by no means an easy feat. There are a lot of changes taking place in an adolescent’s body, and they are growing up. Whereas it is normal for a child’s behavior to change and teen behavior problems are bound to arise, some signs should act as a warning sign to a parent that their child is in need of help. Listed below are some of the teen behavior problems that should cause great concern in any parent:  teenage-drug-addiction

  • Depression or emotional distress

When a teen is displaying signs of depression or emotional distress, it is an indication that they are dealing with something that they cannot handle well. Some of the symptoms of depression and emotional distress include mood swings, insomnia, use of drugs such as prescription pills or alcohol, lethargy, change in eating patterns and dramatic changes in the teen’s behavior and personality.

Teen behavior problems are common in depressed and emotionally distressed teens who try to deal with what is troubling them in the wrong way. Helplessness and escapism mechanisms are the most common such as drug use.

  • Self-Harm and Suicide Attempts

Any teen that is engaging in self-injury or has attempted to commit suicide requires professional help. Though the reasons teens engage in self-harm are different from those that drive those attempting suicide, they are both a sign of a serious problem that should be addressed immediately.

  • Substance Abuse

One of the most common ways in which adolescents with teen behavior problems act out is by engaging in drugs. While it is understandable why a parent would feel angry on discovering that their child is using drugs, one must never deal with the child angrily.

Helping a teen recover from substance abuse requires patience, understanding and firmness, and getting professional help, such as from Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers, is advised.

  • Violence and Anger

Any teen acting out violently towards other at home, school or anywhere else requires immediate help. Unwarranted anger and impulsiveness are other teen behavior problems that indicate a teen requires help and guidance.

  • Eating Disorders

If a teen is suffering from any eating disorder, they need help. This is to ensure the safety of their health and to deal with the emotional, psychological or social issues.

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