Teen Treatment Centers in California

If your teenager, patient or friend needs treatment for mental health or substance abuse disorders visions treatment centers is available to help, Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers are available to help. Our facilities are located in Southern California.

Residential treatment centers in Malibu 

Outpatient wellness program in Los Angeles

● Extended Care program in Los Angeles

A team of doctors, therapists, and specialists relieve day-to-day struggles associated with addiction and mental health. All care is family-inclusive. Each of our facilities follow a unified, holistic approach to treatment and therapy. Treatment specialists are flexible enough to treat specific addictions and mental health disorders at any location.

How Visions meets the teenager and family needs:

● Individualized Programming

● Psychiatric Assessments & Evaluations

● Psychological & Diagnostic Testing

● Individual, Group & Family Therapy

● Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities

● Experiential Therapies

● Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Informed Programming

● Develop Emotional Growth

● Achieve Physical Health

● Support Family Relations & Functionality

● Collaborative Aftercare Planning

Our doors are always open. Call us today at 866-889-3665 and get started.