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Our Primary Residential Treatment Center in Woodland Hills, CA features 7400 sq. ft. of living space and an expansive lot, complete with total privacy afforded by surrounding redwood trees. A six-bed facility, our Woodland Hills Residential Treatment Center for teens is one of our three main residential facilities at Visions Treatment Centers, catering specifically to families who are looking for a teen residential treatment center that offers both comfort and privacy. Our Woodland Hills Residential Treatment Center is staffed day and night by a myriad of specialists and doctors, administering a treatment plan tailored to each teen. We go through a thorough consultation and assessment process before accepting our patients, to get a full view of their social, emotional, and mental background.

A Community-Based Residential Treatment Center and Environment for Teens

As one of our main facilities, our Woodland Hills Residential Treatment Center specializes in treating teens with a variety of mental health disorders. While many of the teens who come to us struggle with severe depression and anxiety disorders, we also treat eating disorders, personality disorders, help treat ADHD, help teens cope with symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and much more. Residential/inpatient treatment center programs are never cut-and-paste.

At Visions, we understand the only way to help a teen with a mental disorder is by addressing their needs holistically, and over the long-term. We begin every case with a thorough assessment. After the assessment, treatments are tailored to each teen’s circumstances and disorders. We leverage pharmacology, talk therapy, secondary treatments such as neurofeedback, and experiential treatments. Teens will learn more about their diagnosis, identify and address problematic thoughts and behaviors, and develop effective coping mechanisms for long-term mental health management.


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    While we strongly focus on developing a sense of accountability and self-reliance, we at Visions recognize the importance of community and family in a teen’s mental health. We coordinate with each teen’s family and members in their local community to find support groups, create and nurture a support network, and help each teen develop a social program, to interact more often with others, make friends, and be a part of a greater community.

    Bridging the Gap Between Teen-Specific Treatment, Care and Recovery

    At Visions, our staff is composed of medical professionals, specialists, educators, and therapists. At each of our residential facilities, we ensure your teen is kept safe around the clock, with a day and night staff available for all emergencies and occurrences. Teens at our facilities are also encouraged to continue with their studies via our academic program, which has them working closely with our educators to follow a set curriculum, prepare for upcoming exams, and help them plan for college. Fully equipped with a guesthouse, free-form waterfall pool, and a huge lot zoned for horses, our Woodland Hills Residential Treatment Center for teens is a prime location for long-term recovery, helping adolescents feel at-home while providing a myriad of activities and experiential therapies.

    Call us today at 866-889-3665. Consultations and assessments are free of charge.