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Online Salvia Dealers

By January 18, 2008No Comments

Salvia Divinorum, a strong hallucinogen that legal in most states, is readily available to teens everywhere over the internet. Online salvia dealers are reaching out to teenagers by marketing salvia as completely a completely safe, non addictive, spiritually enhancing herb. Many sites warn buyers that they must be eighteen to purchase salvia but there is no way to verify age online. If the teen has a credit card then the dealers will sell them the salvia. A typical warning on a website selling salvia is at the very bottom of the page in small print and reads something like; by purchasing this item, the buyer certifies they are 18 or older and responsible. The teenagers searching for salvia online, even if they are 18, will most likely not be responsible because they are searching out a strong drug which they can smoke or ingest to produce a psychedelic high. Most teens that are looking to escape from reality by using drugs are not responsible. Therefore the responsibility falls on the online dealer because dealers need to know better than to sell a dangerous drug online that teens can have access to.

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