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New Designer Drugs

By November 9, 2007No Comments

There is a new wave of designer drugs available to teens today and Guess what? They are completely legal and only a click away. Powerful synthetic psychedelics derived from the same drug families as LSD,Mushrooms and Mescaline. These new drugs do not have common street names. They have Laboratory names like 2C-1, 5-Meo-DMT, etc. Unlike illicit street drugs like Ecstasy, Speed, LSD, GHB thee drugs are not made in bath tubs or street labs. These “research Chemicals” are made in legal labs right here in the United States and are legally available to Teenagers on the Internet, they are easily ordered with a credit card and usually delivered by Fed Ex. These drugs typically appear in a white powder form and can be ingested by eating, smoking, snorting and injecting. While the purity of these drugs is probably hire then their illicit counterparts the same potential for abuse will remain.

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