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AA Meetings In Isreal

By April 23, 2010No Comments


Hello Visions,

It’s been about two and a half weeks in Isreal and I have been thinking about you and wondering when I will find the time to write… today is Israel Independence Day and we have a day of rest…
So far things are going well for our daughter’s adolescent recovery and our family; we are still settling down, it will take some time to get organized and to feel at home.
Sarah is amazing, yesterday was her 60 days of sobriety, she is going to AA meeting everyday and this gives her a lot of support she also met a lovely young woman, her name is Hindi and she’s 30 Years Old. Hindi is in recovery and Sarah calls her everyday and together they are checking the possibility that she will be her sponsor.
We also saw the therapist you recommended once and Sarah liked her a lot, so we will continue seeing her.
Other than that, I hope that all is well with you, we really appreciate all the work that you have done with Sarah, and she often speaks about Visions and misses everyone there.
This is just a beginning of a journey for us, we have the usual ups and downs but in general we feel good that we are not in Ojai right now…
Please send our warm regards to the stuff and the residents of Visions Teen Treatment Center.

Wishing you all the best and a big hug,


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