Visions Teen Treatment Centers offers a comprehensive clinically- based treatment option for teens and their families. Visions’ multi-modal approach to treating complex issues relies on a team approach including family, previous treatment professionals, teachers, community experts and Visions’ team of unparalleled clinicians.

From Intervention to Continuing Care We are Committed to the Family… Committed to the Future.



The structure at Visions residential is a safe, supportive, and intensive program filled with daily activities that help the resident come to terms with their problems and begin to make positive choices. After patients complete residential treatment, Visions continues to support patient growth through a comprehensive outpatient wellness program.


Teletherapy is easier to access and offers greater flexibility to teens unable to access in-person therapy and treatment.

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Primary Residential

Our three residential treatment centers focus on helping teens through a comprehensive treatment program.

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Extended Care

Housed in an environment that conveys dignity and respect for the individual, this home-like, family feeling expresses a sense of warmth and security.

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Mental Health & Wellness Center

Provides services ranging from private practice therapy to intensive outpatient programming for both teens and adults.

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Day School

Provides a safe learning environment to meet the individual academic and social needs of students who are unable to function in a mainstream environment.

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Psychological Evaluation

A comprehensive psychological evaluation is an important part of the Visions experience and an integral part of a personalized treatment plan.

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Specialty Clinic

Focused on providing primary and auxiliary treatments aimed at specific cases of trauma, addiction, OCD, eating disorders, and other conditions.

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We offer a unique program specifically for adolescents in the LGBTQ community.

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of teens and adolescents have a mental health disorder

teens with substance abuse issues also have a mental health disorder

of teens with mental health disorder receive treatment

I will never be able to thank the staff at Visions enough for what you did to help our daughter and our entire family!

- Anonymous Parent


The goal of treatment services at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers in Los Angeles and Malibu is to help the teens achieve a positive state of mental health, both in the short and long-term. To achieve that goal, Visions staff move beyond the immediate, inpatient treatment programs to encourage teens to become involved in community-based resources, including healthy peer groups.

Mental Health & Wellness

Mental health treatment is an ongoing, long-term process. We aim to help teens achieve lasting progress by combining immediate inpatient treatment with long-term involvement in social programs, community activities, peer groups, and more. We also work with a teen’s loved ones and friends to help them build and improve their support network while equipping each teen with the means to continue working on themselves as they mature into adulthood. Mental health treatment is a marathon, and a long-term vision is key.

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Dual Diagnosis

We treat cases of dual diagnosis via a holistic approach, combining treatment modalities to target a teen’s drug use and their co-occurring disorder. We help a teen at every step of the way, from safely preparing them for rehab to working with them through the worst stages of withdrawal, targeting the issues contributing to their drug use and helping them find a variety of alternatives to better cope with their mental health, and involve their family in the long-term treatment and management of their dual diagnosis.

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In 2002, Visions was born. Chris had envisioned building an adolescent program that provided effective treatment for substance abuse and mental-health issues. He knew from the start that Visions had to address the adolescents’ emotional growth, physical well-being, psychological health, and family relationships. Chris has proven to be an inspiration and role model for Visions’ adolescents and families. Learn More Here >>