Our Santa Monica treatment center is a girls-only extended care facility aimed at providing a safe and comfortable environment for girls and young women with mental health disorders and behavioral troubles.

At Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers, our extended care program provides teens with structure and self-reliance, all while focusing on a holistic treatment approach addressing each teen’s symptoms and long-term struggles. Our extended care program requires a minimum length-of-stay of 90 days and includes a thorough transition from treatment into normal living, via cooperation with friends, family, and the community.

Providing Extended Care in Santa Monica

At Visions, we believe certain cases benefit explicitly from a gender-specific treatment program. By offering both gender-specific and coed programs, we aim to provide parents and teens with a variety of different environments for them to feel safe and at-home.

Research has shown mental health disorders affect boys and girls differently, and certain gender-specific considerations can help provide a more effective treatment, especially in cases of trauma. To further ensure the safety and comfort of our patients, our staff is on standby 24/7, with rotating day and night staff to hold watch and ensure someone is always around to provide immediate care and handle volatile behavior.

Many of our patients are still in school, which is why academic assistance is a crucial part of our extended care program. By working with each teen’s school to determine and set an academic schedule around their current curriculum, we help our patients ensure they can continue their education while in our care.


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A Calming Reprieve

Our Santa Monica extended care facility is set in a sizeable 2600+ sq. ft. home, within a safe residential area. This 6-bed facility will be a temporary home for girls currently struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD, and other mental health issues. At Visions, we treat a variety of mental disorders through medication management, psychiatric counseling, family therapy, experiential programs (such as art and music therapy), and much more.

To ensure continuing care, we also work with teens and their parents to determine the best path forward, through support groups, an individualized exit plan, and referrals to reputable local resources for continued treatment and long-term healthcare.

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