Dr. Amanda Shumow opened Visions Adolescent Treatment Center, a six-bed, dual diagnosis program in early April 2002. For more than 22 years, Visions has grown into a multi-tiered continuum of care spanning residential, extended care, outpatient, and private practice services. Through her expertise and unparalleled dedication, she is helping teenagers and their families recover and heal from substance use, trauma, and mental health disorders. To support struggling adolescents and their families, Dr. Shumow and Chris Shumow created Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers, a world-class treatment program with unprecedented mental health care.

As a young adult, Dr. Shumow worked in a renowned adult treatment center and quickly realized she wanted to devote her energy and experience to working with adolescents. Historically, the options for parents were limited and defaulted to separating the family versus putting it back together. Both Amanda and Chris were steadfast in their mission to create a program with an unrivaled clinical experience geared toward healing the entire family system. Years later, both the program and team withstand the test of time. The longevity of the staff sets Visions apart from its contemporaries, with many team members’ tenures exceeding a decade.

Part of Vision’s successful growth is largely due to Amanda’s deeply rooted belief that everyone has a greater potential for change. Dr. Shumow continuously examines current programming to ensure evidence-based practices are upheld, and new treatment modalities are utilized. For over twenty years, Visions has led the industry by growing and changing to best meet the needs of its clients.

Dr. Shumow is not only heavily involved in Visions’ day-to-day management but also available to any staff member, client, or parent in need. This open line of communication with Visions’ owners is unique and further punctuates the differences between parents and professionals when choosing programs.