At Visions Treatment Centers, each of our facilities in Southern California serve a unique purpose, each built to help teens who seek a supportive environment and effective treatment for many debilitating mental health disorders. Our Mar Vista extended care facility caters to boys aged 15 to 18 years old, with a focus on extended care of a minimum of 90 days. Extended care facility programs are especially helpful in tackling conditions require a long-term, habit-changing treatment plan, organized and executed in coordination with local peers and loved ones.

Individualized, Age- and Gender-Specific Treatment Program

Mental health disorders affect teen boys as much as they affect teen girls, albeit differently. While boys are less known to struggle with disorders such as depression and anxiety, these conditions are still frighteningly common among men. While one in ten men report repeated feelings anxiety or depression, less than one in twenty seek treatment.

Furthermore, boys and men account for more than 75 percent of all deaths by suicide in the US. Among teens and young adults, boys are four times as likely to commit suicide than their female peers, and only slightly over half as likely to receive treatment or contact from a mental health professional after a suicide attempt.

Boys-only residential care aims to address mental health problems that are unique to young men, helping them cope with and acknowledge their thoughts and behaviors, and seek effective and positive coping mechanisms and treatments. Some of the mental disorders we at Visions treat include mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder, behavioral disorders, anxiety disorders like PTSD and OCD, and more.

To treat each teen effectively, we utilize a thorough assessment of a teen’s emotional and physical health, getting a better picture of what kind of treatment they need, and what they are struggling with. Our extended care programs help a teen through each step of the treatment process, from medication management to continuous care outside the program through family therapy, peer support groups, and more.


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A Community-Based Extended Care Facility and Environment

At Visions Treatment Centers, we aim to help teens feel comfortable and see our facilities as a second home. Our Mar Vista extended care facility and program has teens spending a substantial amount of time with our staff and their peers, and we find it important to emphasize a feeling of community and solidarity in treatment. We hope that our Mar Vista extended care facility inspires boys to better cope with their symptoms and thoughts, in a safe space and place of belonging.

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