At Visions Treatment Centers, each of our facilities in Southern California serve a unique purpose, each built to help teens who seek a supportive environment and effective treatment for many mental health disorders. Our Mar Vista extended care facility caters to all genders aged 15 to 18 years old, with a focus on transitional care for a minimum of 90 days.

Extended care facility programs are especially helpful in tackling conditions requiring a long-term, habit-changing treatment plan, organized and executed in coordination with local peers and loved ones. They focus on helping teens who have developed the toolkit needed to continue managing their health by teaching them how to put those tools into action.

Bridging the Transitional Care Gap From Treatment to Recovery

Through extended and residential care at Visions Treatment Centers, we aim to address mental health problems that are unique to teens, helping them cope with and acknowledge their thoughts and behaviors, and develop practical applications for the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Some of the mental disorders we at Visions treat include mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder, behavioral disorders, anxiety disorders like PTSD and OCD, and more.

To treat each teen effectively, we utilize a thorough assessment of a teen’s emotional and physical health, getting a better picture of where they are in the treatment process, and what they are struggling with. Via extended care, we aim to help teens who have gone through treatment learn to better utilize what they’ve learned in an everyday setting, and slowly transition into normal living. With a focus on academics and evidence-based treatment, we ensure our teens continue their education while at Visions and learn to manage their health at their own pace.

At Visions, we work with teens through therapeutic modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Our extended care programs rely on individual talk therapy, family therapy and group therapy, and we coordinate with a teen’s family to facilitate continuous care outside the program through peer support groups and more.


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    A Community-Based Extended Care Facility and Environment

    At Visions, we aim to help teens feel comfortable and see our facilities as a second home. Our Mar Vista extended care facility and program has teens spending a substantial amount of time with our staff and their peers, and we find it important to emphasize a feeling of community and solidarity in treatment. We hope our Mar Vista extended care facility inspires teens to better cope with their symptoms and thoughts, in a safe space and place of belonging.

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