Located across from the Backbone Trail that runs along the Santa Monica mountains, deep within the beautiful hillside scenery of northern Malibu, our residential treatment center specializes in providing treatment for teenagers with mental health and dual diagnosis conditions. Our Malibu treatment center offers ten beds, a safe and remote location, an accommodating and experienced staff, and a series of comprehensive, tailored programs to help teens cope with mental illness through therapy, medication, and continued care.

A Caring Community-Based Malibu Treatment Center and Environment for Teens

Our Malibu treatment center is a beautiful home equipped with access to a large garden, providing teens with a sense of calm and comfort. The surrounding rural setting ensures their stay is free from hectic interruptions and distractions, focusing entirely on treatment and making long-term progress. We organize daily activities and schedule regular events, and our supportive staff works hard to make sure all teens feel welcomed and included.


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Malibu Treatment Center for Teen Dual Diagnosis Disorders

At Visions Treatment Centers, we focus on addressing cases holistically. We find the most effective way to treat a dual diagnosis is through a comprehensive approach that combines multiple modalities and aims to address both the mental disorder and the coexisting issue of substance use and potential addiction. We do this through medication, intensive therapy, appropriate adjunct programs, and detox. We believe residential treatment and care can be key to treating a dual diagnosis, as an intensive hands-on approach can help teens learn to pivot and develop useful habits to cope with their condition, battle their cravings, develop a vital support network, and lead a more fulfilling life.

At Visions Treatment Centers, the average length of stay is 45 to 90 days. During this time at our Malibu treatment center, teens will be working with our doctors, therapists, and specialists to address emotional outbursts and behavioral issues, talk at length about personal anxieties, and develop the proper toolkit needed to continue dealing with the long-term effects of mental illness and substance use. We help teens ensure their dual diagnosis does not impede them in their journey through life.

Call us today at 866-889-3665. Consultation and assessment are free of charge.