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Jennifer Werber, Business Manager

By June 6, 2013One Comment

JennyWerberJennifer Werber is our wonderful Business Manager who joined us after Stan retired. Those were a pretty large pair of shoes to step into, but it was evident Jennifer, who we love to call Jenny, was going to do it in her own style. What I really admire about her is the fact that she didn’t really step into old shoes; she came in wearing her own and did so without upsetting the equilibrium of the staff. It takes great skill and compassion to do such a thing. The first time I met Jenny, it felt like I’d known her my whole life. Everything she does, whether it’s answering a question about insurance or a question about payroll, or simply looking into something for someone, she does it with a sense of calm, understanding, professionalism, and kindness. She’s an amazing woman and one whom I’m glad to know and work with. We have an extraordinary team at Visions, and Jenny is a perfect addition and wonderful part of the Visions family. Think I’m kidding? Read on. The staff completely agrees with me. Oh, and Jenny, I want those caramel, Oreo thingamabobs!


“Incredibly intelligent and personable! She adds a fun dimension to the Visions team. Jenny also makes the most incredible desserts such as caramel, Oreo fudge brownies!!!!!”– Mie Keneda


“This is one of those moments where I don’t even know where to begin. Jenny has a kind heart, and a wise soul. This woman is extraordinary in every single way. She brightens up the office with her smile and great sense of humor. It’s rare to find someone so giving and selfless in this world. She is a rare gem and honestly whatever else I say about her, words don’t her justice.” – Janette Duran


“Where do I even start?! Jenny is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She’s such a great addition to the Visions’ family. Her drive and dedication is almost scary sometimes- I’m convinced she’s a superwoman. Jenny keeps us sane. I’m so happy to be able to call her a coworker and most of all a friend. Love you, Jenny!”  — Ashley Harris


“Jenny stepped into some big shoes. We are fortunate to have her. She is kind, considerate, and has a maternal quality. She always brings in delicious food and genuinely cares about the employees at Visions. I’m not sure how we made it this far without her. The shoes fit.” – Daniel Dewey


“Jenny!  We are so happy to have Jenny’s experience and patience (not to mention her amazing desert-making skills) on the team.  We had considered ourselves a small-time operation for so many years that we had no idea the amount of work Jenny was walking into.  She has spent 6 days a week trying to straighten us out; we truly appreciate her for that and so many other reasons.  She is so funny and tries not to laugh when we are really pushing the limits on “proper” office etiquette. We (ok maybe not Chris) are sure that when Jenny has a year with us, she will finally jump on the Friday afternoon dance parties held at Mulholland :).  Thank you for all you do, Jenny.  We look forward to the next stage of Visions with you as one of the anchors!”  — Amanda Shumow


And the quintessential piece to these blogs: those pesky 10 questions! Keep reading!


1: Are you a coffee or tea kind of gal?

Neither.  I don’t like coffee or tea.  I drink mostly water and diet soda.

2: What’s the one thing guaranteed to make you laugh with utter abandon?

My nephews off the wall antics or comments … OR Amanda and Ashley Harris’ acts of random silliness!

3: How would you describe your perfect day?  

Start it off with relaxation, tranquility, somewhere tropical … continue and end it with loved ones, lots of fun, lots of laughs, good music, good food…

4: What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you come close?

Initially, I wanted to be and Astronaut.  Definitely did not come close to that!  By the age of 9-10, I wanted to be a Sr. VP in Marketing for the NBA.  I guess I did get somewhat closer to this, as I spent 6 years working within the NBA for the Los Angeles Clippers!  However, it was not in Marketing.  I never throught I would end up in Finance and Human Resources.

5: Are you more right or left brained?

That is tough!  Honestly, I think I have characteristics of both.  But I think I definitely have more left brain traits and characteristics.

6: Clippers or Lakers?

Another tough one … I grew up a Laker fan, but working with the Clippers for six years definitely created a Clipper fan.

7: What inspires you?

Love, kindness, creativity, art, culture, people …

8: What three things do you look for on others? What three things do you strive for in yourself?

In others:  respect, honesty, loyalty  I strive for:  Probably the same, but more than anything I strive to be better every day and learn from my successes and failures.

9: What flower describes your personality?

Maybe a Sunflower?  But, I also love lilies (Casablanca and Calla).  The sunflower reflects warmth and openness to me, but the Lily represents sophistication, strength and perhaps some mystery to me …

10: Why do you choose to work for Visions?

The opportunity for professional growth within an organization that believed in me, and supported me, was definitely one of my top reasons for joining the Visions Team.   However, to be a part of an organization that believes in what they do with all of their heart and soul, touches so many people’s lives, believes in their team, are proud of their team’s accomplishments, and supports / recognizes the people who make it happen every day is what sold me!

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