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Working in Adolescent Drug Treatment

By September 30, 2008No Comments

An Outsider’s Perspective

When I started working at Visions Adolescent Drug Treatment Centers two years ago, I didn’t know the 12 Steps from a 12 pack. I wanted to familiarize myself with the program not only for my job, but to satisfy my own curiosity. What I found is that the principles of AA definitely apply to my life. When you get down to it, AA is really about living a life of integrity and service, and staying the course when things go bad. I found that it is about taking care of ourselves and each other, and taking the appropriate actions to right our wrongs. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many recovering adolescent alcoholics and adolescent addicts, and I have nothing but a great respect for those Adolescents and adults who have been reborn through AA, NA, CA or any “A” for that matter!

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