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At Visions Treatment Centers, our focus lies on helping teens of all ages cope with severe and at times debilitating mental health issues. In the interest of providing continuing care as well as an alternative for teens who cannot consider residential treatment and care, we also manage an Outpatient Mental Health and Wellness Center – a specialty clinic providing intensive outpatient program (IOP) and partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatments and services.

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Visions Intensive Outpatient Program for Adolescents

Visions Intensive Outpatient Program for Adolescents (IOP) accepts teen patients with mental health disorders and behavioral conditions. We help assess, diagnose, and treat several serious conditions, ranging from mood disorders to anxiety disorders. Our Outpatient Mental Health and Wellness Center is staffed with experienced medical professionals and specialists, offering a number of programs aimed at helping patients manage their medication, seek alternative treatments such as EMDR and EEG, and regularly interact with therapists and counselors.

Our center also doubles as a day school for teens seeking academic help in an environment that better caters to their individual needs and unique circumstances. We aim to help teens with mental health disorders continue their education while receiving the treatment they need to learn to manage their symptoms in the long-term, and coordinate with their loved ones and members of their community to organize a support system for when it’s needed the most.

Specialty Clinic

Focused on providing primary and auxiliary treatments aimed at specific cases of trauma, addiction, OCD, eating disorders, and other conditions, our Specialty Clinic is staffed by an experienced roster of psychiatrists and medical experts collaborating to assess and treat certain cases.

Day School

Built to ensure continuing education for teens in our programs, our Day School Program individualizes each teen’s education based on their year and curriculum, coordinating with their school to make sure they don’t fall behind during treatment. Through Visions, teens in treatment can plan for college, receive accelerated learning, prepare for their SATs, and more.

LGBTQ+ Programming

At Visions Treatment Centers, we offer unique LGBTQ+ Mental Health Programming specifically for adolescents in the LGBTQ+ community. We do not condone nor tolerate “reparative” therapy. We fully recognize the legitimacy of all gender identities, and the unique struggles LGBTQ+ teens go through due to the stress of dealing with a lack of critical information, bullying, and lack of acceptance in the community.


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    Intensive Outpatient Program for Adolescent Patients

    Our Intensive Outpatient Program for Adolescents focuses on helping teens who do not require round-the-clock supervision. Some disorders require consistent care, such as substance use. While inpatient/residential treatment is often the best, most effective approach for treating teens with severe symptoms, intensive outpatient care allows us to help a wider variety of cases and patients in dire need. And while outpatient patients do not require residential treatment, we tailor each treatment plan to the individual via a thorough assessment.

    We approach each case after a full review of a patient’s physical and psychological health, taking into account the biological, psychological, and social factors at play. At Visions Treatment Centers, we seek not only to provide immediate care, but to help patients develop a long-term environment at home and in their community where they can continue to rely on the support of their loved ones, while feeling empowered to be more self-reliant through effective coping mechanisms.