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Why is My Daughter Always Sad and Down

By May 14, 2014No Comments

Why is My Daughter Always Sad and Down

One of the many challenges presented by teenagers during adolescence is increased moodiness. While it is normal for teens to be moody from time to time, and increasingly more so than adults, prolonged moodiness should be a source of worry for parents. Cases of depression in children have been on the rise as the pace of life gets faster as a result of technological and other advances.  family-counseling-for-teen-addiction

Depression in teens can result in a teen always being moody, withdrawn, and anti-social and with feelings of worthlessness. They even go as far as to being involved in self-injury or attempting suicide.

It is therefore important for a parent to be able to tell the signs of depression in children. Some of the things that indicate a child is suffering from depression include apathy, an unhealthy interest in death and dying, change in eating habits, irritability, anger management issues and lashing out, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Girls seem to be more prone to depression, especially in the preteens and teens. A parent should be on the lookout for eating disorders and self-injury. Girls who are having image problems or other types of challenges try to regain control in their life in such negative ways.

Controlling their diets enables them to feel they are at least in control of their body image, even when the problem is all in how they see themselves. Self-injury is usually a result of great emotional pain or distress, and teens who engage in it do so in a bid to blunt the emotional pain with physical pain. It is also a move to take control of the pain one experiences, instead of suffering pain perceived to be caused by others.

Dealing with depression in children requires that a parent takes immediate action if they suspect their daughter is depressed. Some of the ways to help relieve depression include keeping busy, exercise (which results in release of feel-good hormones), and having healthy relationships. A parent should strive to create such an environment to relieve the depression of their daughter.

Depression in children is treated in a number of ways, each of which should be tailored specifically to the child. Children and teenagers therapy centers such as Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers are experienced in dealing with depression in children. Please call one of our specialists at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers at 866-889-3665 or click below for more information.

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