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When Confronting Teens About Their Drug Use

By January 17, 2008No Comments

When confronting teens about their drug use, teens often respond with minimization, rationalization, excuses and flat out lies. If you find drugs in your teen’s room and confront them on it, you may hear things like; “those aren’t mine”, “I bought them, but decided not to use them”, “I have only used them once”, “My friend bought it and asked me to keep it for them”, “It’s only weed, it’s natural” or “Thurman Murman gave it to be for free, so I’m not spending your money”. If signs are pointing toward your teen and drug abuse, when confronting them, you may hear things like; “I’m just all way tired”, “I’m just not hungry”, “I’m not interested in college anyway”, “I’m FINE”, “Stop trying to ruin my life”, “My eyes always look like this”, and “I don’t smell like chemicals, that just my detergent”.
If you suspect your teen of using drugs, contact a professional. Tell the professional, only the facts about what is going on and not what your teen may be trying to convince you about. The professional will then be able to better guide you toward a solution. It is import to communicate your teen. But remember, drug users are not the most honest people in the world. Take what your teen says about his/her drug use “with a grain of salt”.

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