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What Do I Do To Help My Lesbian Daughter

By June 3, 2014No Comments

What Do I Do To Help My Lesbian Daughter

In the recent years, society has learned to accept gays and even gay marriages. This has caused more teens to come out, make their sexual orientations known in hopes to live a better life. It is usually a tough decision but the time comes when a lesbian realizes that coming out is the only way to turn her life around.  california-teen-addiction-recovery

So, what if it’s your daughter? Someone you care for, a person you have always had big dreams for. What happens when she steps forward and says “I am lesbian.” Do you let the anger take control? Many parents, who have successfully been through the situation, say that it strengthened the bond between them and their daughters. Here are some helpful steps you can take as a parent;

  1. Find someone to talk to – of course you’ll have to pick the right people. Realizing that you have a lesbian daughter can cause disbelief so you’ll need people who can reassure you. A trusted friend, relative, coworker or even a casual acquaintance should be able to help.  Make sure that they are open-minded, progressive, and that they accept lesbianism.
  2. If you can’t think of a person with these qualities, you should consider seeing a professional therapist. This can be a social worker, a psychiatrist or a psychologist. This group of professionals follows a code of conduct that requires them to be not only tolerant of but also knowledgeable about lesbians.
  3. Find help from PFLAG (Parents, Family, and Friends of Gays and Lesbians) is a national support group largely comprised of parents of LGBT of which lesbians are a part. Talking to these parents will help you understand lesbianism, avoid guilt and sadness, and accept your daughter.
  4. Show her love – remember that your daughter is the same person she was before she came out of the closet – the only thing that has changed is her confession. This should make you even prouder of her because she actually accepts who she is. You have to show her the same love you have showed her before. Show some interest in her life; ask questions about her sexual orientation, her job, or school.

When your daughter comes out as a lesbian, you should not panic. Seek as much knowledge about the sexual orientation and learn to provide a shoulder to lean on.

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