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What are Synthetic Drugs and are They Safe

By April 21, 2014No Comments

What are Synthetic Drugs and are They Safe?

Synthetic drugs have become popular, almost replacing most illegal drugs. What parents have to understand early on is that these synthetics can be even more harmful than the substances they mimic.  teenage-drug-addiction

What are They?

Synthetic drugs are substances that are wholly manufactured in the laboratory, most often to mimic illegal drugs. They are a result of chemical reactions.

The main reason for this chemical processing is usually to sidestep the provisions of the law regarding illegal substances. Manufacturers already know about what is regulated and what is not, so they simply replace the banned components with newer synthetics that are not yet known to the authorities.

However, most manufacturers will also claim that the modifications are aimed at eliminating harmful side effects while enhancing performance of the naturally occurring drugs.

Harmful Effects

Synthetic drugs can be put into two categories: Cannabinoids and cathinones.

Cannabinoids, also known as Spice and K2, are synthetics of marijuana; they contain laboratory manufactured THC. If you are keen, you’ll realize that these products, as well as G-Four and Mojo, never list all their ingredients. This is because some of the components are not safe for human consumption. Cannabinoids can be between 2 to 500 times more toxic than naturally occurring marijuana. They cause serious allergic reactions and are known to posses most of the symptoms of natural marijuana such as nausea, anxiety, paranoia, discomfort, confusion, and a strong desire for the feeling to end. Cannabinoids also cause short term memory loss affecting reasoning ability and learning and have been proven to negatively affect motivation and emotional stability.

Cathinones, or bath salts, contain substances that mimic cocaine or meth. They come in different names such as Ivory, Blow, Wave, Vanilla Sky, and others and may contain designer chemicals such as pyrovalerone, methylenediozy or mephedrone. Bath salt has several side effects, both short and long term. Users are characterized by seizures, severe paranoia, decreased need for sleep, lack of appetite, chest pains, hallucinations, self-harm, and violent behaviors. In the long term, these people may suffer liver failure, kidney failure, mental illness, increased risk of suicide, and even death.

Parents should therefore do all they can to ensure that their kids do not come in contact with these drugs.

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