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What are Bath Salts and Can My Child Get High

By April 2, 2014No Comments

What are Bath Salts and Can My Child Get High

Regular bath salts, such as Epsom salts, contain Magnesium sulfate, whereas sea salt contains Sodium sulfate, which is a staple ingredient for a typical and true bath salt. These are not the bath salts that have been the cause of the anti-narcotics agencies and medical practitioners latest head ache. Moreover, the impostors being used as drugs are not necessarily the brands being sold at regular drugstores. The bath salts that have had many people calling poison centers because of an emergency are sold under various street names such as:  LiveGrow

  • Ivory wave
  • Purple wave
  • Vanilla sky
  • Bliss
  • Hurricane Charlie

Users have been taking the drug through snorting, injecting, and mixing it with food and drink. It is said that these particular bath salts contain methylenedioxyprovalerone or MDPV which gives the user a methamphetamine-like high. These bath salts are reportedly even more powerful than heroine and crack. Their effects may include:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Intense craving
  • Visual hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Psychosis
  • Self-mutilation
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Agitation
  • Chest pains

There have been reports of users stabbing themselves in the face and stomach, while the son of a physician slit his own throat and proceeded to shoot himself in the head after enduring three days of what was termed “intermittent delirium.” Two law enforcement agents who had an encounter with a user under the influence were injured since the assailant thought he was fighting “two devils.” In July 2012, the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act made it illegal to possess, use, or as distribute many of the chemicals that are used to make the bath salts. Another chemical is Methylone or mephedrone which has also been placed under a regulatory ban by the DEA.

This law covers chemicals that are or can be used as ingredients to make synthetic drugs.

These drugs usually come in powder and crystal form. As such, they can pass as real bath salts and can be packaged and sold legally serving as a legal loop hole for dealers. The dealers also may add the misleading label “not for human consumption,” allowing them to get around the “Analog Act” under which substances which are substantially similar to illegal drugs are deemed illegal.

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