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Warning Signs of Cocaine Abuse

By May 30, 2009No Comments

It’s pretty hard to brush off teen cocaine abuse as innocent experimentation. Cocaine has long been classified in the “hard” drugs category and it hasn’t gone away. Warning signs of cocaine use include:

-A runny nose
-Frequent bloody noses or sinus problems
-Dilated (big) pupils
-Increased excitability or irritability
-Increased heart rate and blood pressure
-Fast speech
-Sleep loss and weight loss
-User seems to go through money very quickly, needs money frequently. Lies about -where money is going

Paraphernalia includes small mirrors, razor blades, rolled up papers or dollar bills…check the table tops, CD cases, or other flat surfaces for a white residue or razor marks- evidence of cutting cocaine
Teens abusing cocaine are at risk of heart attack and respiratory failure.

Repeated abuse can increase the risk of full-blown paranoid psychosis where they completely lose touch with reality. Adolescents addicted to cocaine may commit more and more risky behaviors to acquire the drug. Addiction often gets between the teen and school, their families, and themselves. Our adolescent residential treatment center in Los Angeles works with your teen to provide a customized treatment plan, addressing not only the potentially deadly effects of drug addiction, but the underlying issues that have driven our someone to use. This all-encompassing cocaine rehab approach works to provide a solid foundation for your teen, offering them a solid chance at long term sobriety.

If you think your teen is abusing cocaine, or any other substance, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for teen cocaine rehab in Los Angeles

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