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Tips for Parents with Troubled Teens

By June 4, 2009No Comments

Many teens exhibit rebellious behavior, or even occasionally make bad choices, but some engage in destructive behaviors that have seriously negative effects on their lives, their families, and their futures. Working with a troubled teen can be a very discouraging experience as a parent; the closer you try to get the more they pull away. Troubled teens may struggle with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, poor academics, behavioral problems, self injury, or adolescent and eating disordered behavior. It may feel like you are watching your teen self destruct without any way of stopping the nightmare. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with it alone.

The most important solution is to seek professional help for your child. An intensive, therapeutic environment helps teens to restructure their lives, giving them new tools to deal with old behaviors. Professionals help guide teens through the breakthroughs necessary to help them craft a new healthy life for themselves. Equine therapy, art therapy, and specialized education programs provide gentle avenues to change. Individual counseling and group therapy in teen drug treatment addresses the root causes of self destructive behaviors head-on, and establishes a path to sobriety and healthy living. Family therapy and counseling can help to reestablish deteriorated lines of communication, helping families learn how to recover themselves, and to how to be as helpful as they can be to their changing teen. Sometimes teens need more help than parents alone can give them.

Visions adolescent drug treatment Center located outside of Scottsdale can be that extra help. Some parents feel like they are helpless in helping their teen. We are here to help. Contact us today for a consultation for your troubled teen. You and your teen are not alone.

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