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The Top 10 Ways To Relieve Your Child’s Stress

By May 15, 2014No Comments

The Top 10 Ways To Relieve Your Child’s Stress

The belief that children having nothing to stress about as they have so few responsibilities or are too young to understand what is going on around them is a fallacy. Whereas a child may not necessarily understand the issues affecting them or the adults around them, they have a highly sensitive emotional antenna.  adolescent-drug-recovery-california

Ways of dealing with and relieving child stress vary, and the most appropriate will be picked based on the applicability of the method, its effectiveness, and its suitability to a child. Listed below are some ways parent can help relieve child stress.


Exercise is a great way of dealing with child stress. It provides a constructive way of coping with stress and leaves one refreshed. Exercising also results in the release of feel-good hormones that are a natural and a great way of relieving child stress.

2.Healthy Relationships

It is crucial for a child experiencing stress to have the support of family, relatives, peers, and adult authority figures.

3.Avoiding or Doing Away With Substance Abuse

Children and teens with child stress should be well-advised and observed to ensure they are not using drugs.

4.Healthy Eating

Ensuring kids eat regular, well-balanced meals helps in dealing with child stress. Some types of food should also be avoided, such as coffee, sugar, and high sugar content snacks.

5.Learning and Using Relaxation Techniques

Various relaxation techniques should be taught to those suffering from child stress. Not only do the techniques relieve stress, they serve to teach a child that stress can be dealt with constructively through discipline and practice.

6.Acquiring and Using Coping Skills

Coping skills, such as breaking down a task into sub-tasks, help in dealing with child stress.

7.Relaxation and Rest

Ensuring a child sleeps well, rests adequately during the day, and learns to pace themselves helps reduce child stress and its effects.

8.Develop a Better Mental Attitude and Self-Image

It is all in the mind, and techniques such as positive thinking are effective measures against child stress.

9.Sharing With Others

Encourage your child to confide in older siblings or adults when in distress.

10.Seeking Help

It is advisable to see a child psychologist or to visit a therapy center.

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