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The Choking Game-The warning signs

By April 2, 2008No Comments

The Choking Game

I recently heard a story in the news about the latest craze. It seems that teens are getting high without the use of substances like drugs and alcohol. It’s called “The Choking Game, The Fainting Game, Black Out, or Pass Out.” The demographic is pre-adolescent and adolescent boys. They use a rope, a belt, their hands, or some other kid of tool to cause temporary asphyxiation. They usually choke themselves or each other until they pass out. The effect is a dream-like state of euphoria that lasts for a few seconds/minutes.

It’s obvious that this can cause neurological damage due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. There have been reported deaths due to the choking game. Because this phenomenon is not well-known and misunderstood, it is important to be aware of the symptoms:

• Your child keeping a rope, or plastic bag
• Bloodshot eyes
• Headaches
• Marks on the child’s neck

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