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Teens Getting High on Household Products

By November 22, 2007No Comments

Studies may indicate that the overall percentage of elicit teen drug use has declined over recent years. However, the use and subsequent abuse of prescription medication has steadily increased in this age group at an alarming rate. Many teens find the pills in their parent’s medicine cabinet. Others share or buy them from peers. Shockingly, some even rummage through their neighbors trash to find leftover prescriptions. Furthermore, teens may not risk buying illegal drugs when they can get high on many household products, such as aerosols and other inhalants. Dust Off, super glue, oven cleaners, and other strong smelling chemicals will kill brain cells and possiably do irreparable damage to the brain.

Based on this information, it is important to remember that what we regard as “unsafe to children” extends to teens as well. Reconsider locking up anything that you might consider dangerous to a child. When you throw away an old prescription, seal it, and grind it up in cat litter or old coffee grounds. These simple precautions may save the life of someone, namely someone you love.

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