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Teenage Girls And Drug Use

By July 20, 2009No Comments


A recent study reports that teenage girls who use drugs and alcohol are more likely to make decisions that negatively affect their lives. They are more likely to contract STD’s and have unplanned pregnancies. Drugs and alcohol go hand in hand with poor decision making, which includes having unprotected, unplanned sex. When I was drinking and using, sex was a big part of my destructive repertoire. I used people to feel better just like I used drugs. When I was drinking and using, I didn’t think through consequences and only lived for instant gratification.

In teen drug treatment, it was important for me to address all of the ways I endangered myself in my addiction. I slept with people I didn’t want to. I drove intoxicated, or rode in the car with people who were under the influence. I put myself in dangerous situations. Being loaded left me vulnerable to people that could hurt me or take advantage of me. I damaged my body and my self worth.

Part of my recovery process has been to learn to value myself. By respecting myself, I surround myself with people that respect me. When I am going to do anything, I think through the possible consequences, good and bad. I listen to other people’s experiences and advice. I think about how my actions affect myself and other people. Today, my life isn’t about trying to find things outside of myself to feel better. It’s about being a healthier person who respects herself. I have choices today. Drugs and alcohol do not govern my behaviors. When I do something today, it’s because I chose it. My life is the way it is today because I made the choice to begin the recovery process and give myself a second chance.

Give your teen a second chance!

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