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Teen Treatment For Drugs and Alcohol in California

By July 4, 2014No Comments

The search for the perfect teen treatment center for your child can be a difficult process.  First, there is the realization that your teen needs a level of support and assistance that can only be provided by professionals and dealing with those emotions.  Next, there is the mission of finding a teen treatment center that is in line with your philosophies and has a strong track record of success.   Teen Treatment For Drugs and Alcohol

Located in Malibu, Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers provide comprehensive treatment for mental health issues, substance abuse issues and eating disorders.  This is done with a focus on the unique needs of each client through a team approach.   By following the direction of founder’s mission of advocating for the family, the treatment team at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers strive to create a clinical culture of excellence.

Residential Program

Visions Residential provides a structured treatment plan in a comfortable environment.  By combining intensive therapy with daily activity, participants in the program are able to identify and address the root cause of their drug or alcohol addiction.  This allows teens to begin to develop healthy habits and live productive lives after treatment.

Requirements for entrance into the residential program include:

  • Being between the ages of 13 and 18
  • Having an involved parent or guardian
  • Being available and committed to for a stay of 45 to 90 days

The duration of each teen’s treatment depends on their unique needs and circumstances. Progress is monitored on an ongoing basis and adjustments to the treatment plan are made as necessary.    During their stay in residential teen treatment, clients sleep two to a room, with males and females separated.  The clients receive constant monitoring with an involved staff present 24 hours a day.  In the event of an emergency, crisis intervention teams are available at all times.

The Malibu location is serene and set in a natural setting. 25 acres of space provide luxury and comfort, and the remote location discourages runaways.  The goal of the entire team is to create a comfortable, homelike environment that allows the clients to relax and focus on their recovery.

Treatment Team

Every client at Visions Residential is assigned a licensed therapist and a counselor who will be their point person during their stay in treatment.   Their one on one relationship is supplemented by a number of professionals including:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Physicians
  • Nurse Supervisor
  • Art Therapists
  • Dietitian
  • Equine Therapists
  • Psychologists

These individuals use a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, also known as DBT, approach.  This approach aims to change the unhealthy behavioral patterns the teen has developed including alcohol abuse, drug abuse, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

The team works together to provide a number of therapeutic services.  In order to provide these services, the Visions Adolescent team gathers additional information from the teen’s schools, family and another previous professionals they’ve seen.   In addition to this background information, each teen goes through several assessments:  dual-diagnosis-treatment-ca

  • Medical Assessment – A substance and mental health expert carefully evaluates each teen to determine their area(s) of need.  In the event additional medical care is needed, they are provided on an individual basis.  In order to participate in the program, all clients must pass the medical assessment.
  • Substance Abuse Assessment – A thorough review of each client’s chemical dependency is performed to determine their specific level of need.  This process can also determine if clients are a risk for harming themselves or others and if the teen is open to the treatment process.
  • Psychosocial Assessment – Through historical family, legal, educational, substance abuse and development information and records, a professional determines if additional screenings are necessary. These screens may include an educational assessment, psychiatric assessment, neurological evaluation or eating disorder testing.

Once the team has created a client’s treatment plan, the teen and their counselor review the plan together to ensure the plan addresses the teen’s goals and objectives for treatment.  This helps to get the clients engaged in their own teen treatment program.

Speak with a counselor to find out how the teen treatment programs at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers can help your family. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 866-889-3665.

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