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Teen Prescription Drug Treatment

By July 6, 2010No Comments

Twenty percent of high school students say that they have taken prescription medication without consulting a doctor, and that male and female students were equally likely to abuse oxycontin, xanax, or vicodin. Researchers also found that 72% of high schoolers had consumed alcohol and 37% had used marijuana. Substance abuse is a growing problem that can devastate teens and their families, but fortunately there are solutions.
Of these teens who have abused prescription drugs, alcohol, and illegal substances, some of them have developed real and life-threatening addictions. Drug addiction isn’t voluntary and many teens are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and need help. Teen prescription drug treatment helps teens deal with drug and alcohol problems but also with underlying issues that can accelerate substance abuse, like low self esteem, eating and mood disorders, and learning disabilities. Sober high school recognizes the unique challenges of each teen and like rehab, respects individual needs. There is no blanket solution to teen drug problems. Adolescent drug treatment treats individual teens with unique needs, creating personalized treatment plans to help each teen get on their own personal road to success.

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