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Teen Drug Users Favorite Hiding Places

By January 9, 2009No Comments

It’s never an easy chore, but there may come a time when you may need to search your teenager for contraband. As uncomfortable as this may seem, you may be saving them from jail, injury, and even death. If you suspect that they are hiding drugs, paraphernalia, extra money, or a fake ID, here are some places to consider in your search (these are actual places a teenager listed for Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers):

  • Pants pockets in the closet
  • Jacket pockets
  • In the seams of clothing/hats
  • Between the mattress
  • In shoes/shoe boxes
  • In the bottom of the clothes drawers
  • Old backpacks
  • Inside stuffed animals
  • Underneath couches, chairs, beds, or other furniture (sometimes taped)
  • Books/hollowed out books/phone books
  • Inside speakers/computer hardware
  • In vents
  • Safes
  • Underneath trash bags/between trash bin
  • In the car/under seat/trunk/emergency kits/hidden compartments
  • Inside pens

    We are sure there are many other clever locations not listed here, so please feel free to share.

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