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Teen Drug Treatment In Newport Beach

By April 19, 2009No Comments

Newport Beach and orange county teens who attend Visions Adolescent Drug Abuse Treatment Program are typically struggling with drug and alcohol and dual diagnosis related problems.

Visions Adolescent drug addiction residential treatment program provides a safe, supportive home-like environment for it’s orange county clients can begin to learn the new skills necessary for achieving long lasting recovery. The intensive, structured program is filled with daily activities that help the resident to recognize their own denial systems, come to terms with their problems, become familiar with the 12-Step recovery principals and begin to make the positive choices that will lead them to a healthy and productive life.

The drug abuse treatment program is housed in a high-end residential ranch-like setting in Malibu, just far enough from Newport beach, Corona Del Mar and surrounding areas. This removal from their immediate setting allows them to focus on their recovery. The facility is in a rural setting that is on twelve acres of wooded land. There is a swimming pool and horse facility on and of site.

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