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Teen Drug Treatment/ Anabolic Steroids

By December 8, 2007No Comments

The teen sports world is not known for its teen drug abuse as it’s high prevalence of Anabolic Steroid abuse. A report given by The National Institute of Drug Abuse says that about 1 in 20 high school athletes used steroids in 2001. Steroids are substances used to increase the amount of testosterone in the body, in turn enhancing
performance. Steroids increase protein synthesis and enhance anabolism, in the body. Steroids also stimulate bone growth, increase bone marrow and red blood cells. Anabolism results in the buildup of the body’s cellular tissues.

Steroid use is associated with numerous negative side-effects. These side effects are liver disease, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stunted bone growth, kidney disease, aggression, impulsively, sterility, death, enlargement of female genitalia, deepening of voice, testicular shrinking, high blood pressure, increased libido and male breast growth. Also, steroids can cause the muscles to grow at a faster rate than the tendons can strengthen. The athlete can then lift more weight than their tendons or cartilage can support, causing damage to one or both. Depression is a common side effect of steroid abuse. In a study done in 2005, 20 percent of steroid abusers questioned suicide and 3 percent actually attempted it.

Most teen steroid abusers today, are known to be educated of all these negative
side effects. In another study, teen steroids abusers were asked why they still
use steroids even though they come with heavy consequences. The most common
responses were, “I have never personally encountered any negative side-effects
and believe the education is a scare tactic.” Scare tactic or not, the
consequences are real and denial will not prevent there occurrence. Despite
there illegality and dangers, steroids are a dark reality of today’s teen
athletes. Teen drug treatment centers have been seeing more anabolic steroid use in teens today.

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