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Teen Alcohol Rehab

By May 29, 2009No Comments

Teen Alcohol Rehab

It’s not surprising that teens experiment with alcohol, but in some cases, teens cross the “party” line and end up in the world of alcohol abuse. Teens abusing alcohol run the risk of damaging not only their interpersonal relationships, but have increased risk of depression and suicide, injury through risky behaviors, and death. Alcohol abuse can be a red flag indicating some more serious emotional and behavioral problems. If your teen is abusing alcohol, they’re may be some very serious underlying issues that need immediate attention. Teen alcohol abuse can very often be a type of cry for help.

Rehab helps teens and their families deal with not only the destructive force of alcohol dependence, such as scholastic problems and relationship troubles, but serious emotional issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder. Our professional staff is prepared to help your teen with a personalized treatment plan that addresses all areas of your teen’s life. The Scholastic Academy at Visions addresses behavioral and academic issues that can arise with teens struggling in traditional school settings. The supportive and flexible educational environment is geared for your teen’s success. Our staff of doctors and counselors work one-on-one with teens to best outline a program for long-term sobriety. Group therapy and recreational activities work to improve interpersonal communication skills and provide a safe and fun therapeutic environment conducive to recovery. Learning that your teen is struggling with these issues can be a very scary time, but we are here to help you figure out which treatment plan would best serve your teen and your family.

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