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Starbucks Is no Longer a Sober Sanctuary

By July 25, 2009No Comments

A Starbucks in Seattle will begin serving beer and wine to their coffee-drinking customers starting next week!

If the Seattle customers respond well, Starbucks is looking to expand the alcohol sales to other Starbucks locations in metropolitan cities across the country, with bottled beer and glasses of wine available for $4 to $7.

The coffee chain claims that the reasoning behind the alcohol sales is to give Starbucks a more authentic “European-style” feel, but we think $tarbucks are looking to make a quick buck!!
They’ve been closing LOTS of stores!

What do U think of having a glass of chardonnay on the side of your Caramel Macchiato???

Looks like good AA’s we’ll be going to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after meetings for their caffeine fix…

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