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Southern California Teen Depression Centers

By April 12, 2014No Comments

Southern California Teen Depression Centers

Teen depression treatment has to be a continual effort. This is because depression doesn’t come once in a lifetime. Even adults sometimes get depressed. It is therefore important that depressed teens get to fully learn how to deal with life’s stressors so that they don’t get overwhelmed in the future. If they can understand what depression really is, learn about its symptoms and know how depression affects their futures and the lives of the people close to them, these adolescents would be motivated to achieve and maintain healthy behaviors. They would strive to stay away from problematic attitudes that stimulate relapse.  teenage-drug-addiction

That is exactly what Visions Teen Depression Treatment Centers in southern California aim to achieve; helping these teens recognize the existence and impacts of destructive behaviors in their lives and equipping them with skills necessary to formulate alternative, effective solutions to everyday problems.

At the southern California teen depression treatment facilities, depression treatment is a consolidated effort where the patients, their families and therapists work together to return the teens to a healthy and productive lifestyle and help them sustain this status. The treatment plan is accomplished in four stages;

  1. Therapeutic treatment – therapeutic services are provided to reduce symptoms. Patients are assessed on an individual level and their medical, psychiatric and psychological needs attended to. Services are provided by licensed medical doctors and psychiatrists.
  2. Adjunct services – these include nutritional, equine and conditioning services and are provided to help the patients achieve faster, long-term recovery. Other services under this category include an onsite school, psychological services and discharge and aftercare programs.
  3. Family treatment – when your teen is depressed, the family is normally equally affected. Family treatments enable this group to understand depression in teens and their roles in improving the patient’s life. They are taught to remain supportive and hopeful during and after treatment.
  4. Alumni programs – alumni programs are designed to help teens who have undergone treatment sustain healthy lifestyles. Residents attend up to two aftercare group sessions weekly and will have their support calls answered by the alumni coordinator. Alumni also have access to annual alumni events.

70% of teens who undergo depression treatment usually exhibit a reduction in symptoms. Please click below or call one of our specialists on 866-889-3665 to schedule your consultation.

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