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Southern California Best Reviewed Programs For Troubled Youth

By April 24, 2014No Comments

Southern California Best Reviewed Programs For Troubled Youth

Growing up in today’s society can be a challenge for adolescents, especially with the growing popularity of the Internet and other media outlets, which expose them to many topics they would normally not encounter at such a young age. An early knowledge of drugs, violence, and other realities of life often affects their attitude and their outlook on life. The programs for troubled youth at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers are specifically designed with today’s youth in mind and are aimed at finding the root cause of any issues holding them back from success. Visions offers many programs to treat drug and alcohol addiction, eating and body image disorders, and mental health issues.   adolescent-drug-recovery-california

Adolescent Residential Treatment 

Residential treatment is ideal for teens struggling with addiction, mental health issues, and other issues that may be negatively affecting their daily life. During their stay, the roots behind their problems are addressed so that steps can be taken to resolve them. We promote a successful and drug-free future by keeping them engaged in recreational activities, offering professional care, and providing a beautiful and positive environment in which they can grow.

Adolescent Out-Patient Counseling 

Vision’s counseling program is perfect for youth who are adjusting to a new and improved life after completing more intensive treatments. The first stage helps to make improvements in a teen’s daily life both at home and academically. The second stage focuses on the family as a whole to ensure that they are also an important part of the teen’s recovery. Between family sessions, individual sessions, clinical support and drug testing you can be sure that your teen stays on track after finishing residential treatment.

Adolescent Day School

Vision’s Day School is a great choice for teens who are struggling to adapt in a private or public school setting. When a teenager fails to thrive in their learning environment, their chance for success is truly impeded. The program offers one-on-one instruction to ensure that each child understands the curriculum while also receiving the best possible education. By performing random weekly drug testing, and providing individualized counseling, you can be sure that your teen is staying focused and on track.

By enrolling your child in the right programs for troubled youth, their chance of success is greatly increased. Visions understands the many struggles that teenagers face which is why they aim to improve your child’s self esteem by reinforcing the importance of positive lifestyle choices.

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