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Signs of Addiction and Addictive Behavior

By June 5, 2009No Comments

Signs of Addiction or Addictive Behavior

Making the decision to send your teen to treatment can be a difficult one, but there are some signs and symptoms of addiction or addictive behaviors that should act as red flags:

Increased preoccupation with the substance or behavior, in which isolation and other negative consequences occur

Inability to meet responsibilities at school, work, or home. Drop in grades, missing work or school, behavior problems at home

She uses substance or engages in behavior even though it is dangerous, or in dangerous situations (ie: driving under the influence)

As preoccupation with substance or behavior increases, interest in activities that used to give them pleasure subsides

Tries to stop using and can’t, regardless of consequences. Engages in behavior even after consequences. Escalation of behavior problems may indicate loss of control

Life has become centered around using substance or behavior

A young person struggling with substance abuse or other addictive behaviors can feel completely out of control and hopeless. They may be resistant to treatment, or to the idea that they can change, which often leads to more negative behaviors. Addiction does not get better on its own. Adolescent treatment with gender specific groups for girls and boys provides a safe place for teens to begin the process of recovery. A sheltered environment allows for the child to work through difficult issues without the outside stresses of their often chaotic lives. Gender specific groups gives the teen time and space to heal, and better tools to deal with their emotions.

If you think your teen is struggling with substance abuse or other destructive addictive behaviors and would like a program with gender specific adolescent treatment groups and meetings please contact us today. Help exists.

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