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Searching My Kids Room

By April 19, 2010No Comments


A violation of privacy? Constitutionally unsound? As a parent, is it alright to go through your kid’s property? Can you breech trust and check text messages? That’s a tricky question that only a parent can answer for themselves. However, if you suspect that your adolescent is using drugs, or using their cell phone for any illegal behavior, you have the right and the duty to investigate.

Asking your child outright may not produce the truth. If they are engaged in secretive behavior, lies are bound to follow. You might be surprised what you find if you take a closer look.

Above is an illustration kids often draw, pointing to a less than subtle clue that something was wrong. “420” refers to the time of day that pot smokers light up. April 20th (or 4/20) is also considered a pot smoker’s holiday. Kids also commonly draw magic mushrooms, bongs, or other images glorifying their drug of choice. Other things you may look for, besides drawings such as these, are empty baggies (possibly with residue or crumbs from drugs), pipes, paper, and other paraphernalia, straws for snorting, razor blades, thermoses (smelling of booze), and weapons.

Check the hidden pockets and pouches. And then there is the cell phone…Look for text messages that sound like drug deals and “sexting” is a popular pastime (sending nude pictures via text message). As a parent, know the names of your kid’s friends and know that it is your right and your duty to keep you teen safe.

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