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Sarit Rogers, New Media Manager

By June 12, 2013No Comments

mustacheSarit Rogers is Visions’ very own Woman of Words – Our Billowing Blogger, Lady of Language and Sorceress of Social Media.  She officially joined the V-Team in 2010 and found her stride as our new Media Manager.  We had an idea of what we wanted her to structure, but could not dream of the ways she would use her innovation to build upon the face of Visions in today’s digital world.

With her permission, I’d like to give her a big shout out on 20 years of sobriety today!!!  Every Blog, Tweet and Post is driven from an innate desire to help others find a life of health and happiness.  Sarit’s raw, candid and unbiased way of writing continues to inspire our team and many more readers across the world.

She is a passionate mother to one very cool kid, is wife to Visions’ Mr. Rogers and is the loving owner of her pup, LuLu.  Sarit is a creative activist at heart.  Inspiring others with her writings, photography and yoga practice, she is constantly looking to help others find the authentic beauty of the inner self.

Collaborating on our Staff Blogs has been one of my favorite jobs to create with Sarit.  We have had a ton of fun letting our readers know who the masterminds are that make Visions what it is.  Sarit has allowed us to see how much we are valued amongst our peers…now it is time for her to feel the same:

Christina Howard

“Like her on Facebook, retweet her, snapchat about it, #JustSarit is anything but ‘just’ our New Media Manager.  She has a great artistic eye and has been instrumental in transforming our web content.  This recognition is long overdue!” –Patrick Schettler

“What comes across so clearly to me in Sarit’s writing is that she genuinely cares.  She is passionate in her desire to help others, the embodiment of compassion in action.  Visions is blessed to have such a talented writer who can produce well-researched, thoughtful, and timely articles.  But what really comes across in her writing is a lifetime of personal transformation that has brought her to a place of deep understanding and hope.” – Joseph Rogers

“Besides Sarit being the realest & funniest person at Visions, she’s the most sincere & caring.  Whenever I have the chance to be around her, I make sure I get my daily dose of Sarit.”  – Janette Duran

“Sarit is one of the smartest, kindest ladies I know!  Not only has she helped me post photos from 6,000 miles away on facebook when I was Paris and I couldn’t figure it out, but she was able to get me back on icloud after my kids signed on incorrectly so many times that we were locked out, for life it seemed.  Apple tech support couldn’t understand why we were not able to get back with their help at the Genius Bar!…but Sarit fixed it via a few texts.  She is just awesome.” – Colleen Kelly, PhD

“Sarit is amazing, special, talented, loving, strong, fearless, kind and so much more!  She possesses a positive and loving spirit/energy.  It’s felt the moment you meet her!  All that cross her path are blessed and feel inspired by her greatness!”  – Jennifer Werber

“Sarit is our beautiful wordsmith who makes someone like me, who is known for potty language and poor punctuation, sound like a poet! Sarit is awesome, always thinking of ways to put our Vision out to words, pictures, facebook posts and blogs. She is willing to show up to events to “live tweet” and is always active when there are shows on that discuss issues we deal with in treatment.  She brings Visions’ ideas out into the world of social media. Sarit is not only our social media manager, but also an amazing photographer and….wait for it….married to JRO another one of the Visions family members! She is a wonderful mother and we are always grateful for Sarit’s take on our business planning meetings! Thanks for all you do!” – Amanda Shumow

Let’s Break into this creative mind with our pondering 10 questions:

1.Favorite Song of all time and why?

“Sympathy For the Devil,” Rolling Stones. Musically, it’s multi-layered and interesting.  Lyrically,  it remains one of those songs that is simply timeless. It’s feisty, political, and it illuminates the fact that we all have a dark side within each of us. I’ve loved it every since I was a tot.

2.  Frog pose or tree pose?

Definitely tree pose. It’s nice to be able to find balance and strength physically and mentally.

3.  What would you like to find at the end of a rainbow?

Aside from the elusive pot of gold? A nice cup of tea and warm, stripey socks.

4.  Best thing about being a MOM?

Watching my son experience the world. It’s incredible to see how he loves others without judgment, shows compassion with ease, thinks outside of the box, and is comfortable being who is is. Now if I could just get him to come back to his senses and stop listening to Nicki Minaj…

5.  Who’s a stronger woman…Wonder Woman, Shera or Oprah?

Wonder Woman, hands down. She’s a warrior fighting for justice, equality, love, peace–with sass!  Oh, and I’ve always liked DC comics.

6.  Cookies or Cake?

Sigh. These days, I’d have to say cookies. Gluten Free cake usually tastes like a sweet rock.

7.  Best thing about being married to Mr.Rogers?

One thing? Really? Okay: He’s FunnyIntelligentKindGentleImaginativeMybestfriend

8.  What paints a better picture…Writing or Photography?

Hm. A good writer can paint a picture tantamount to a good photograph if they have  a thesaurus and one hell of an imagination. They are both equal to me but for different reasons. My pen and my camera are extensions of myself.

As my favorite photographer, Ruth Bernhard once said, “Light is my inspiration, my paint and brush.”

9.  What do you want to be when you grow up?


10.  Why do you work for Visions?

Many, many reasons. We offer something that was barely in existence when I was getting sober. To work for a company that has made helping teens and their families through one of their darkest times is a blessing for which I am truly grateful. Every word I write, every tweet, and every FB post is an act of being of service and extending the familial arm of the Visions’ family. And I get to do it in my yoga pants.



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