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My Journey Discovering the Signs and Symptoms of addiction part 4

By April 21, 2009No Comments

Through learning more and more about adolescent addiction and ADHD and have also learned about the link between the two diagnoses. “The combination of a higher intensity of cravings and the tendency to take risks without considering consequences may put ADD adults at greater risk for substance abuse (Kelly and Ramundo).” Impulsivity is a trait that both addicts and those with ADD posses. Everything that I have learned has helped me to remember rule #62; to not take myself too seriously. I have learned to accept my assets and have implemented tools to work on my liabilities. I no longer get into negative self-talk about how I should or could be. The book titled You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid?! also discusses how the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous can be beneficial when applied to ADD (Kelly and Ramundo). As the twelve steps are basically a program for having faith, taking personal inventory, cleaning up any harms and being of service to others.
Learning about the signs and symptoms of ADHD and addiction as well as the link between the two diagnoses has assisted me in overcoming many of the obstacles I have been faced with. “When you understand your disabilities, you can begin the process of discovering your abilities and unleashing your potential (Kelly and Ramundo).” I no longer have a constant feeling of less-than, now I can see that my learning style may differ from others but I am still equally capable. I don’t criticize myself incessantly for having a few too many unfinished art projects anymore, now I can giggle at myself and simply appreciate the fact that I am creative. And I no longer am tormented by the constant question of “what is wrong with me?”

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