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Mollie Mylar, BS, Director of Professional Relations

By July 8, 2014No Comments

Mollie Mylar, BS, Director of Professional Relations, is one of the most engaging ladies I know. She is a bright spot on the marketing team, always lighting up a room when she walks in and is capable of making anyone feel at ease. She has a light in her heart, joy in her eyes, and a wicked sense of humor. She is truly humble and kind, and both of these qualities make Mollie a true gem. Mollie lives in Utah with her family, but she travels all over the United States to engage and educate people about seamless transitions in treatment.  Frankly, I lament the fact that we don’t see more of her, but I am extraordinarily grateful and humbled by the work she does; she is an invaluable player on the Visions team.  Quite honestly, the world needs more Mollies.


Read on for some staff accolades about this lovely lady:


Mollie is absolutely one of the most upbeat and positive souls you will encounter in this world; her energy is contagious. The minute she walks into a room, or you hear her voice on the phone, you cannot help but smile.  Anytime I get a chance to speak with her or see her is a pleasure and a joy. – Jenny Werber


I wish Mollie were around all the time!  — Jesse Engdahl


I like Molly.  In fact, how can you not like Molly? She is a business woman doing business in a way that doesn’t feel like business.  She is a Mom.  She is personable, humble, creative and hard working. Molly is one of the people in life that I look forward to seeing. She makes the room lighter and brighter when she walks through the door.  Good egg = Molly. And, I never use that term. In fact, I may call her and tell her she’s a good egg just so we can laugh.  – Angela Carrillo


Mollie is spunky, full of life and has the ability to light up any room she walks into within seconds! She has an uncanny talent for just meeting someone and making them feel like they have been friends with her for years.  – Ashley Shortridge


It is a pleasure to work side-by-side with Molly. Molly always finds the bright spot in the darkest situations. Molly fights for the best interest of the families and kids she works with. – John Lieberman


Mollie defines being authentic with every cell of her being.  This is how I see her:  Trustworthy, Tenacious, Persistent, Tall, Adventurous, Silly, Open, Hilarious, Loving and Kind.  Mollie oozes with love for her son and husband.  She is a woman I look up to.  Her balance of being mom, wife and business woman is always transparent and remarkable to be in the presence of.  I am grateful to know Mollie Mylar. – Christina Howard


Read on for Mollie’s answers to our 10 questions:


1: What inspires you to work in education?

Being able to watch families and students heal and reach their potential.  I do not like to see people suffer.


2: You live in Utah but you work all over the country, what do you do to stay connected with your loved ones?

Call and face time.


3: Would you rather be able to fly or read people’s minds?

Definitely read people’s minds.


4. Would you rather speak in public or work at the Los Angeles Waste pumping station for one week?

Work at Los Angeles Waste pumping station for one week.  I would do just about anything to avoid public speaking…


5: What is your favorite season and why?

Fall, love seeing the leaves change, temperatures drop and most of all SWEATSHIRT weather!!!


6: What is your Starbucks order?

 Grande Soy Latte.


7: If you could have been told one thing that you weren’t told when you were a teenager, what would you like to have heard?

I had an amazing mother, that I miss everyday, and I feel like she prepared me well for life!!


8: Funniest Visions memory?

Wearing a Christmas sweater to my first company Christmas party, (I hate Christmas sweaters)  when nobody else was wearing anything having to do with Christmas…awkward.


9: What do you keep in the trunk of your car?

 My own grocery bags.


10: Why do you choose to work for Visions?

I love the team and what we provide for our students and families.

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