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Mischa Barton Hospitalized

By July 19, 2009No Comments

Mischa Barton has been involuntarily hospitalized in Los Angeles, with early reports speculating that she recently felt suicidal and out of control following a cocaine binge. She was due to appear at the premier of her new movie in New York this weekend, but friends called police to her LA home after they became concerned about her behavior. Mischa has hit the tabloids a lot recently following getting kicked out of a London night club, her yo-yoing weight, and erratic behavior. She has already been arrested for DUI. Cocaine use can lead to extreme paranoia, weight loss, erratic behavior and psychosis, including suicidal ideation. I hope that Ms Barton can find some peace during this time.
When I was using, I thought that suicide was my only option. I didn’t think that it would be possible for me to get clean and have a decent life. The life I have today is beyond decent. I am free from active addiction to cocaine and I have a new life. Teen cocaine rehab gave me a chance to take a break from my toxic life and really helped me find new tools to live a better life. It was helpful for me to be removed from my using friends and to be surrounded by other recovering teens. Being in a completely recovery based environment helped me to focus solely on staying sober and getting healthy. I can’t imagine having all of my business splashed across the tabloids when I was in the pain of my addiction and early recovery. I hope that Mischa gets the help she needs and is able to find the gift of recovery that I got in teen residential drug treatment.

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