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Mie Kaneda, Counselor, CADC

By May 21, 2013No Comments

MieMie Kaneda is one of our magnificent CD counselors and licensed CADCs  who also happens to be a California native. Mie is a remarkable ball of energy and service: she has a background in gymnastics as well as personal training. She currently spends her time at our residential facility but can also be found at our outpatient facility working with clients  or training folks at Burn 60. Mie is facilitates groups in addition to meeting with individual clients and also helped start the Teen Love group aimed to support teens struggling with love addiction.  Mie loves to use movement with the clients to get them back into their bodies and show them how much fun they can have in recovery. In her youthful, spunky way, Mie imbibes her recovery and the recovery of others with joyful fire.


As always, the Visions family has wonderful things to say about Mie, so please read on: 


“Mie is the most upbeat spirited counselor I know. She is always willing to help out in all areas! She’s taught me so much as a counseling intern. Thank you!” – Chloe Huerta

“Mie has a great energy about her! It’s that same positive energy that glows in her work when it comes to our kids in treatment.” – Janette Duran

“Mie is a fireball of energy and enthusiasm.” – Heather Colligan

“It is great to have Mie on the Visions team. Mie’s energy is contagious and she is always ready to pitch in wherever needed. Mie believes that recovery is more than just not using or not doing negative actions. Mie believes that recovery is about positive action. Mie shows the kids how movement and exercise tie into recovery.” – John Lieberman

“Mie is one person with the energy of 10!  She is always looking at the bright side and trying to do everything she can to help reach the kids who need extra attention.  Mie has added so much to our team.  She is an amazing physical trainer, and helped start our Teen Love group that was so needed by our clients who tend to focus on the members of the opposite sex as opposed to their personal recovery plan.  Mie is someone who will show up, no matter what, with a smile on her face, ready to help.  We are so grateful for her dedication to not only the clients, but to Visions as well.” – Chris and Amanda Shumow


 You know Mie had to answer 10 questions, so here are her answers! 


1: Where is your favorite place to run?

Anywhere and everywhere

2: If you were to select a food that best describes your character, what food would it be?

Sushi (duh!) because it is small, colorful, tasteful and HOT when you add wasabi! 

3: Do you play any instruments?


4: What’s your favorite song to sing along to?

Drops of Jupiter by Train and anything Adele

5: Yoga or Pilates?


6: Are you the queen of the kitchen or master of take-out?

Princess of kitchen and queen of take out.

7: What is your Starbuck’s order?

Double short soy latte ( for real!)

8: Favorite way to motivate adolescents.

Help them love and believe in themselves, focus on their strengths and talents and teach them to have sober fun!!!

9: How do you start your day?

Pg. 86 in BB, women’s meditation, coffee and a smile!

10: Why do you choose to work for Visions?

Because my employers are the bomb, therefore everyone that works for and with them shine brightly. I had a challenging time as a teenager and young adult. If I can help them through their rough patches OR help then to not go through what I did, help them have a healthier life filled with joy and promise, I have fulfilled my dreams and possibly my destiny.


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