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Mexico Decriminalizes Drugs and Mandates Treatment

By August 23, 2009No Comments


Mexico decriminalized small-quantity drug possession this week and required that people who have been arrested three times for drug offenses be mandated into treatment. The country is also providing free addiction treatment to anyone who wants it. I admire Mexico for focusing on the bigger problems like the drug cartels and working to treat and help addicts rather than punish them.
Teen drug Treatment gave me a chance to change my life and address my addiction problem. I knew that using wasn’t working out well for me but I didn’t know how to stay stopped when I tried to stop using. I hope that with all of the attention that has been given to our country’s drug problem lately that more people will learn about the benefits of drug treatment programs. I had only heard about rehab on television- I had no idea that such a place existed for teens like me.
I didn’t know that I would get to have good food and actually have a good time while I learned how to live without using drugs. I thought I had been given a pretty grim life sentence of abstinence from drugs when in fact I was shown that living without drugs can actually be really enjoyable. I got to meet other people who had changed their lives and were having a blast in recovery. I am so glad that my parents helped me find a good adolescent treatment program, and that I gave it a chance. Old Mexico or new Mexico I don’t know where my life in would be today without it, but it certainly wouldn’t be this good.

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