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Kids and Substance Abuse – How To Find The Right Substance Abuse Program For Your Child

By April 13, 2014No Comments

Kids and Substance Abuse – substance abuse programs

Abuse of drugs and other illegal substances in kids is on the rise. You might ask why these young people would start using drugs at such tender ages. Well, the writing is on the wall, many of these kids learn about tobacco smoking and use of alcohol directly from adults, often their parents. Others abuse drugs as a sign of rebellion, out of curiosity or to escape from situations.  treatment-for-teenage-mental-disorders

When you are certain your kid is abusing a drug, the first step is to talk to them about it. Additionally, you’ll need to find an effective substance abuse program to help the child rediscover the importance of, and live a drug-free life.

Selecting the right drug abuse program

There are a number of factors to be considered when selecting a substance abuse program for the kid.

  • Of course the program must be affordable; you don’t want to pick a program that leaves you in huge debt at the end of the treatment period.
  • You may also want to know whether or not your insurance plan covers for this need. If they do, well and good. If not, you may have to raise the whole budget on your own.
  • Consider the location of the program. How far is it from home? Is it accessible? Will you be able to visit your loved one as often as possible? Does the environment promise a peaceful recovery?
  • Facilities – Consider things like nutrition and education. If your kid is going to stay at the facility, you’d also want to know the status of the sleeping quarters. How many residents share a room? Do males live separately from females? Will the diet be appropriate and sufficient for your child?
  • Philosophy of the treatment program – what are goals of the program? How do they intend to achieve these goals?
  • Program accreditation and licensing – confirm that the program is credited by the state it is in. Also ensure that it is run by licensed, well-trained professionals.
  • After-care support programs – does the program offer after care support services such as referrals and support groups? If so, at what cost and how effective is the program.

Great substance addiction treatment programs have a clear strategy of returning patients to a healthy, more productive lifestyle.

Click below or call 866-889-3665 to speak to a professional about substance abuse programs.

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